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3240 Medium Quilter's Dream
Sale Price: $1,340.00
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+ 6360EL Space Saver PRO Cabinet Deluxe
+ 5230AL Space Saver Cabinet
+ 5260AL Space Saver Cabinet
+ 6330EL Space Saver PRO Cabinet
+ 7600 Deluxe Storage Chest

Deep Body "Elite" Electric Lift Cabinets
+ 6479 Elite 24" Deep Combo Cabinet
+ 6380 Elite 24" Deep Quilting Cabinet
+ 6378 Elite 24" Deep Combo Cabinet

"Elite" Electric Lift / Airlift Cabinets
+ 5278 "Elite" Combo Sewing Center
+ 5280 "Elite" Super Quilter's Dream
+ 5280 "Elite" Airlift Super Quilter's Dream
+ 5278 "Elite" Airlift Combo Sewing Center

+ 3240 Medium Quilter's Dream

+ 2111 Cutting Table

+ 16 Storage Chest
+ 01 - 4 Drawer Caddie
+ Model 62 Embroidery Storage Chest
+ 51 Super Quilter's Dream caddie

+ 6-Way Adjustable Chair
+ Deluxe 6-Way Adjustable Chair
+ Drafting Chair

+ 4 Inch Embroidery Scissors
+ 5 Inch Straight Scissors
+ 6 Inch Straight Trimmer
+ 7 Inch Bent Trimmer
+ 8 Inch Bent Trimmer
+ 9 Inch Bent Shear

+ 11 Thread Cube
+ 40" X 60" Cutting Mat
+ 40" X 72" Cutting Mat
+ Touch Release Airlift
+ Thread Tray

Clearance / Discontinued Items
+ 1300 Embroidery Machine Table
+ 2130 Compact Sewing Cabinet
+ 5680 "Elite" Elevated Sewing Cabinet/Cutting Table
+ Child's Sewing Table
+ 5680 "Elite" Airlift Sewing Cabinet/Cutting Table
+ 2155 Project Center
+ 7500 Ultimate Storage Center
+ 3280 Quilter's Dream
+ 02 - 1 Drawer Serger Caddie
+ 34 Folding Table with Wheels
+ 155 Project Center Hutch
+ 2156 Traditional Sewing Cabinet
+ 15 Craft Caddie

Lifetime Warranty
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What does my Lifetime Warranty cover?
ANSWER: Horn of America Limited Lifetime Cabinet Warranty:
Horn of America designs and constructs its furniture with the customer’s satisfaction in mind.

This warranty provides you with protection against manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship of all components in your Horn of America cabinet.

This warranty is limited to the original owner of the Horn of America cabinet and covers only manufacturer’s defects. Any damages resulting from incidental and consequential damages to the product are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

There are states, which do not allow exclusion of damage resulting from incidental and consequential damages, therefore the above limitation, and exclusion may not apply to you.

If a defective component is discovered, please return the defective component (including a copy of your warranty and proof of purchase) to your Horn dealer. Horn of America will make available the replacement component free of charge within a reasonable period thereafter. Your responsibility includes all freight charges related to delivering the defective component to Horn of America, Inc. to the extent permitted by law and any labor charges that may be applicable. Horn of America, Inc. will pay all freight charges involved in delivering the replacement component or components to you.

This warranty does not cover any defect resulting from the improper use or abuse of the cabinet, normal wear and tear, or commercial or institutional (Schools) use of the cabinet in a commercial or institutional environment.

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What does my Lifetime Warranty cover?
ANSWER: Horn of America Limited Lifetime Cabinet Warranty
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What makes Horn of America cabinets better than other cabinets I can buy?
ANSWER: 1. Horn of America owns the factory, so we have co
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